Appeals Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of the appeal process? The appeal process is an opportunity for appellants to request the correction of errors made during the review of your application materials. Applicants may not seek to amend or add new material to their initially submitted application through the appeal process. Appeals can be submitted regarding personnel processes, including the review of suspensions of 1-5 day(s), probationary reduction, probationary discharge, classification studies, and miscellaneous personnel actions to determine if the decision was justified.
2. How does the appeal process work? Appeals staff provide an independent review by analyzing documents provided by an appellant and considers applicable governing authorities, policies and practices. This process does not include an interview or a hearing.
Upon completion, a written response is prepared. The appeal response is only provided by email or mail (if U.S. Mail was selected as the response option) to the appellant and/or his/her authorized representative.
3. What are the most common types of appeals filed?
  • * Application Rejection/Non-Acceptance: Your application was not accepted because it was determined that you did not meet the examination requirements as stated in the bulletin.
  • * Computer Administered Tests: The score you received on a computerized test, including the Work Styles Assessment (WSA), Writing Assessment, or Other, as specified in the examination result notification.
  • * Paper and Pencil Written Tests: The score you received in the following non-computerized tests: Broad-Based Employment Skills Test (BBEST), Writing Assessment, or Other, as specified in the examination result notification.
  • * Oral Interview: The score you received based on the responses you provided to questions presented during the interview portion of the examination.
  • * Evaluation of Training and Experience/Rating from Records: The score you received based on the evaluation of information you provided on your application, Supplemental Questionnaire, and other applicable documents.
  • * Appraisal of Promotability (AP): County employees only - The score you received based on management’s assessment of your potential to perform at the higher-level position.
  • * Performance Test (e.g. Driving, Physical Agility, Swimming, Typing, etc.): The score you received based on your performance.
  • * Veteran’s Credit: Ten (10) additional points added to the final passing score of an open competitive examination based on qualifying service in the military. See CSR 7.15 for details.
  • * Disqualification/Withhold from the recruitment process for a position due to the results of a background review/investigation.
  • * Supplemental Questionnaire (JSQ/SQ): Your application was not accepted based on response(s) you provided on the Job Specific Questionnaire or Supplemental Questionnaire.
  • * Suspensions of 1-5 day(s): Only suspensions from a County position of 1 to 5 days.
  • * Probationary Discharge: Release from County employment due to unsatisfactory performance rating during the initial probationary period.
  • * Probationary Reduction: Reduced from a promotional position due to an unsatisfactory performance rating prior to the end of the probationary period.
  • * Interdepartmental Transfer: Transfer to a different department without being requested by the transferee.
  • * Resignation: Resignation from County employment under duress, fraud, or undue influence.
4. What rules govern the appeal process? The Director of Personnel ensures compliance with Civil Service Rule (CSR 3.01) which includes, but is not limited to the following:
5. Is there a deadline to file an appeal? Yes. The deadlines are as follows:
  • * Examination process, disqualification/withhold, probationary reduction, and probationary discharge: Ten (10) business days from the date the electronic notice was sent from the Department or from the postmark date on the envelope if the notice was sent by U.S. Mail.
  • * Suspensions of 1-5 day(s): 15 business days from the date the notice was sent from the Department or from the postmark date on the envelope.
6. What information is required when filing an appeal? The online appeals system will navigate you to complete the required fields and will also prompt you to attach the required documents. Appeals submitted without the required information and/or documents will be deemed insufficient.
7. Can I file multiple appeals? Yes. If you are appealing more than one examination part, you must file a separate appeal for each. Please do not submit duplicate appeals for the same examination part. Duplicate filing may delay the response to your appeal.
8. When can I expect a response from the Appeals Program? Our goal is to respond to all appeals within 60 calendar days. In some circumstances, the review may require additional time.
9. How do I track the status of my appeal? The appeal status is available at any time by accessing “Track Appeal” on the eAppeals home page by using the reference case number you received in your confirmation email.
10. Can I file an appeal if the deadline to file has passed? Regrettably, appeals filed after the deadlines as stated in Question #5 are deemed untimely.
11. What are the acceptable attachment types? This form only accepts attachments with the following file extensions: PDF files, Word documents (doc, docx), Emails (msg), Pictures or Images (jpg, jpeg, png, tif, tiff, gif) and Audio files (m4a, wav, mp3, mp4, mpeg4). File names should have no special characters. For example, hashtags (#), ampersand (&).
12. I received an error message. What should I do? Open a Help Desk ticket by accessing the “Technical Support” link from the menu located in the top right corner of this screen to request technical assistance. Make sure you include detailed information about the technical issue(s) you are experiencing such as what page were you trying to access, what error you are receiving, etc. Do not submit an appeal through this page.
13. My application was rejected because I did not submit the required documents (i.e., diploma, transcripts, license). Will you consider these documents? Regrettably, the appeal process does not allow for the acceptance of documents not provided to the Department with the application at the time of submission or as instructed in the examination bulletin.
14. I received a letter from the Department but I do not understand the reason for the Department’s decision. Who can help me? You may contact the Department's examination analyst as stated in your notification letter.
15. I do not agree with the Appeals Program's decision. Can my appeal be re-reviewed? Are there additional appeal rights? Civil Service Rules do not allow for the acceptance of additional information or the re-review of an appeal after the appeal process is completed; however, for rated portions of your examination, you may have appeal rights to the Civil Service Commission. Your appeal response letter will contain information regarding further appeal rights, if applicable.
16. How do I withdraw my appeal? You can withdraw your appeal by accessing “Withdraw Appeal” from our eAppeals Home page.
17. I moved or changed my email address after I submitted my appeal. How can I ensure my appeal response is sent to my current mailing address or email? Please submit your changes in writing to the Appeals Program. Please fax to (213) 738-9380 or send an email to
18. How do I submit my appeal if I need accommodation due to a disability? If you need accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) with filing your appeal, you may access the Accommodation Request website. Please indicate at the beginning of your request for accommodation that your submission is related to an appeal. You may also contact the Appeals Program at (213) 738-3934 or at to notify us of a request for accommodation. Please keep in mind the filing timeline for your appeal still applies.
19. I have filed a grievance with my Department regarding my suspension. Who will review my concerns? On matters that are under the Appeals Program's jurisdiction, your appeal is held until the Department completes your grievance process.